Sky falling on your head.
The right path is not that easy to take.
Faith is all we have left. Keep hope alive,
let me clear the way.

The burden that I bear,
can bring me down in a glimpse of hate.
Pay the price that you deserves.
Forgive to repair

Lies cannot hide the hard truth,
the rotten one that I became.
Bright as the sky is my fate,
a fate that i refused to face.

You gotta keep it real.
The body has turned weak
but the mind is made of steel.

No time for turning back.
Gotta hold it down, cause what
you see is what you'll get.

Your heart is on your hands,
you're crawling in despair
So raise your head, step ahead.
Don't fear your regret.
You know who's on your side,
those that you can confess,
your suffering and concerns.
Forgiving to forget.

The world is marching to
one inevitable end.
With this culture of deceit...
The life is charging you,
and you will have to fight back.
You better bite the hand that feeds.

Don't fear the machine.


from The Art Of Survival, released January 17, 2015



all rights reserved


One True Reason São Paulo, Brazil

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